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Our Flowers

Our mission at Creekside Meadows is to bring joy to the community through local flowers grown with a sustainable, natural approach. Our flowers are grown here on our farm in Spencerville, IN. We take great pride in starting flowers from seed in our home, tended to daily through the cold winter months, and then planted out in our flower field in the spring. Flower varieties that we grow on the farm are specialty cut flowers and have been selected for maximum vase life.  These are not pesticide filled grocery store flowers. Many varieties are unique and can not be found in the grocery store. Our flowers are more fragrant, last longer, and support our local community.  


Looking for the perfect gift? Check out all of our gifting options below including bouquet coupons, gift certificates, and seasonal bouquets! Looking for flowers every week? Summer Subscriptions are your ticket to a flower filled home or office all summer. Limited availability!

Who do you know that needs flowers?

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