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About Creekside Meadows Flower Farm

Hi and welcome to our farm! Creekside Meadows Flower Farm is locally owned and family farmed. Home to freshly hand-picked specialty cut flowers, Creekside Meadows is conveniently located between Fort Wayne and Auburn in Spencerville, Indiana. What began as a dabbling in seed-starting veggies during the early days of the pandemic proved to be a life-changing experience. Northeast Indiana's long, cold winters are sometimes hard to get through but watching seeds sprout helped me to face the dreary days.  I loved growing veggies from seed so much that I thought I'd try my hand at it for flowers too because those bring me even more joy than veggies! It's hard to describe the peace that overtakes me when I walk through a flower field, but I can't wait to share that experience with you during our on-farm events.


Our Story: From Pandemic Project to Passion

With our youngest heading off to school, a couple extra acres available for farming, and a newfound love of growing flowers, the dream of Creekside Meadows began. I grew a micro flower farm in 2021, and the flower bug bit hard. As an engineer, then stay-at-home mom, I love the combination of nurturing life, solving problems, and experimenting with new flowers and growing methods. The coming years will be full of many more varieties (dare I say too many?) of flowers, fillers, and foliage along with events that promise to bring joy to those who attend. Thank you for shopping local and supporting my dream, our family, and in turn, our community. Your business means the world to our little flower farm!



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